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Drywall Repair Houston

Nov 29


It is important to have professional drywall maintenance and repair done in order to keep your home looking good. No matter if you have damaged a wall during furniture removal or need to repair an unsightly spot, our drywall contractors are able to help. Our professional drywall contractors will arrive on time and dressed in uniform ready to tackle the job. Drywall Repair Houston Service can handle drywall damage from:

  • Cracks are the result of settling
  • Water damage
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Damage caused by children
  • Damage caused by mice
  • Holes from drywall anchors
  • Doorknob holes
  • Tossing darts holes

We don't stop at making the repairs. We will take steps to prevent future damage by identifying the source of the problem (leaking roofs, poor ventilation), and taking proactive measures to prevent it from happening again. If the damage to the drywall is too severe, we can assist with drywall removal in Houston.

Drywall Finishing Services

Drywall finishing is an art form. For a flawless paint job, it is important to have a professional finish. Our drywall finishing service ensures a professional look throughout your home.

  • Drywall mudding
  • Drywall sanding
  • Drywall joint/seam taping

More than Drywall Repair

Dry Wall Houston Tx can perform repairs to damaged drywall due to poor ventilation. We can also inspect bathrooms for ventilation issues and recommend the installation of better ventilation. Dry Wall Houston Tx is able to repair or replace bathroom fans and paint rooms.

Modern homes are more than just drywall. Our drywall services also include the following:

  • Green board repairs and finishing
  • Gypsum board repair and finishing
  • Finishing and repairs to cement boards
  • Repairs and finishing of sheetrock
  • Stucco finishing and repairs

Drywall Repair Close to Me

Reach out to Dry Wall Houston Tx to find drywall finishing professionals or repair services near you. You can also call (346) 4406 6410 to discuss your drywall needs. We will complete the job correctly the first time. When we are done, your home will be cleaner than when you started.


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