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Drywall Finishing: The Tools You Need

Dec 9

Drywall Finishing: The Tools You Need

Finishing the drywall. It's possible to do it yourself. We, Drywall Repair Houston, thought we'd provide a list if you need to tape or mud drywall.


Here's a closer view of the materials that are used to tape and mud-drywall.


1. A stepping stool. This is needed to reach the top of all walls. It's fine to go without a stepping stool if your height is less than 6'5".


2. Protective eyewear. Sanding drywall creates a lot of dust. The glasses are meant to keep drywall dust away from your eyes.


3. Tape for joints. It is used for covering the gaps between drywall layers. We prefer the paper over the mesh version.


4. Sanding blocks for drywall. They are foam with sandpaper at the edges. You can use them for sanding the mud to make seams smooth and invisible.


5. Wear a dust mask. I was shocked at the amount of dust that is produced during the drywall finish process. Fine white dust is formed when you sand a joint compound. You don't want any of this dust in your lungs. I can guarantee you would die from something like a miner’s lungs. Also, a dust cover is a great idea for protecting your Bluetooth speaker. You don't want dust to build upon your speaker.


6. Vacuum Cleaner. A special extra-fine filter was purchased to remove all drywall dust. I would not recommend using a standard vacuum as it can quickly clog them.


7. Joint compound for drywall. We have tested the mix of powders and premixed products. It is easier to mix the powder pre-mixed. You'll wind up with too thick, too thin, too much, too little, and blah blah blather blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yadda blah " blah The premixed version isn't that much more expensive, and it's well worth it.


8. Drywall sanders equipped with mesh. This is the bad boy that does all the heavy lifting while you sand. It rapidly eliminates large amounts of joint compounds. Some models include a place for a pole that can be attached to the top of the machine so you can sand quickly.


9. A paddle for mixing. It's your choice. You will need this if your goal is to mix your own joint compound (see #7).


10. A trowel for corners. This made it possible to avoid the corners and the seams between walls and ceiling. While you could still do the job, it was so much easier.


#11 Joint compound tube. This is probably the technical term. Whatever you call it, it must be large enough to scoop out the mud with your biggest trowel.


12. Trowels with flat edges. We had three sizes to choose from, and we used each one. Each layer should be wider than its predecessor, creating a gradual mud taper. This is possible by using various trowel sizes.


Here's an example of each type of sander:


You can use the mesh sander to do the first two positions. The foam sander can be used for final finishing.

We will not lie. It is very painful to complete drywall. It can be messy and draining. But you can save a lot of cash by doing it yourself. And you can do a job as well that looks professional.


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