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3 Reasons to NOT Refinish Your Cabinets

Jan 9

3 Reasons to NOT Refinish Your Cabinets

What is the right answer to the question: Should I refinish or not? Each kitchen has its unique layout, materials, and price. Before you decide whether cabinet refinishing Richmond is right for you, take a look at your specific situation.

  • Do you plan to keep existing cabinets but change only their color?
  • Are your cabinets made out of laminate or solid wood?
  • Do you wish to make changes such as replacing countertops or islands??
  • Are you willing to put your kitchen out of commission for up to a week?

Definition: To Refinish

Refinishing wood cabinets takes a lot of work and patience. Paint, varnish, or other stain are removed by sanding the surface or using a chemical stripping agent. A new finish is applied once the old one has been removed.

Reason #1: Cost and Labor

Cabinet refinishing can be done if your kitchen layout is perfect and cabinets are made from solid wood. Laminates cannot be sanded or stripped. MDF can only repaint and reface. While you may save money by doing cabinet refinishing yourself it requires labor and the use of caustic chemicals. While the cost of replacing the cabinets will be less than hiring a professional, it will likely cost you at least the same as refacing them.

Reason #2: The Finished Look

To refinish solid wood cabinets, they must be in good shape with no splitting or warping. Even in the most ideal conditions, sanding and stripping can make the wood surface less flexible which can lead to inconsistent finishes. You can only refinish dark wood - you must bleach the doors first.

Reason #3: Your Cabinetry is a Lifesaver

Maintaining the cabinet's finish after it has been refinished is difficult. Refinished cabinets can be affected by heat, direct sunlight, and water from dishwashers and sinks. The paint may crack or peel if MDF is saturated by moisture.

Have a happy face

As an alternative to refinishing, consider refacing: Cabinet boxes, drawer fronts, and doors are replaced with new ones, and a thin, sturdy veneer is applied to cabinets sides, frames, moldings. This will ensure that you have perfectly matched kitchen cabinetry throughout, which is long-lasting, durable, cost-effective, beautiful, and beautiful.


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