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Where Do You Start When Tiling A Bathroom?

Apr 27

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Where to begin installing a bathroom tile?

Every homeowner has their own version of their dream house. Some are based on their preference, while some are based on architects' new designs. But we can not deny that home improvements are always exciting because we anticipate the outcome and expect to enjoy it with our family.

One of the house areas that most people have trouble renovating is the bathroom. This is the part where experts should be the ones who will do it to ensure that there are no leaks when in use or any unwanted scenario. But for those people who love to try it on their own will always have questions that need to be answered. And one of those common questions for tile installation is, where to begin when tiling a bathroom?



When installing a bathroom tile, you should start working on the wall. Why wall? This is to make sure that the delicate floor tiles won’t be ruined and gets messy when it is time to install the wall tiles. Are you confused about where exactly on the wall you should start? It is always advisable to start putting your first tile at the center of the wall if you want a symmetrical pattern. And after working on the center, it is your choice if you will go horizontal, vertical, left, or right. Just always ensure that the wall is clean and smooth to avoid any bumps and uneven surfaces after installing everything.

Most people choose to have tile in their bathroom because it is classic and a wise choice when you are building a new house or simply renovating. It can stand for long years, especially when installed correctly. It is waterproof resistance which is suitable for the bathroom where water and some chemicals from hygiene products used make the area prone to moist. And it can stand hot and cold temperatures. It might be costly if you choose the high-quality one, but you will never regret it, for it is an excellent home investment.

It might be fun to DIY, but try out Milwaukee Tile Installers if you need a tile installer to help you out.