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Apr 30

What Does Safe Locksmithing Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento Do?

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The notches on each of these wheels let them pick each other up and spin in the right motion. This motion can only be activated once the dial is turned in the right direction. Once the proper combination has been used, and all the wheels are properly aligned, they give way to a gap that allows the fence (the fence is in place to prevent the bolts from moving to open the safe) to fall through.

Electronic lock safes employ similar methods (in terms of using bolts) and give the homeowner access to the safe once the proper code is entered. These types of safes work on the simple principle of giving the bolts the freedom to retract once the right code has been entered. Once the right code has been entered, an electronic signal is sent from the keypad to the bolts within the lock.

It is also a much-coveted skill because it’s cool. Safe locksmiths are cool people. There are several different methods that a safe locksmith can use to help get you back into your safe, and we’ll run through all of them so that you have an idea of what will happen to your safe and to the contents of your safe once you contact a safe locksmith to help you with the situation.

Manipulating The Safe The process of manipulating a lock might take longer than any other method that can be used to bypass the security of a safe, but it is the go-to method for many a safe locksmith. Safe locksmiths prefer to use this method to unlock safes because it negates the possibility of your safe (and its contents) being damaged.

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Safe locksmiths are known to make use of stethoscopes and other sound amplification devices to help them move the dial along with its corresponding wheels into proper alignment. They listen intently and attempt to catch the sound that is made once the driver pin hits the notch on the wheel fly.

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This is the preferred method of many safe locksmiths because it does not damage your safe but it manipulates it into opening. It takes time, patience, and want, so our safe locksmith will make sure that homeowners are aware of this. Drilling The Safe Drilling is another common method that a safe locksmith can employ to open a safe.

A small hole is drilled into the lock and an instrument is inserted into the drilled hole to help the safe locksmith see how to open the safe. This practice has become much harder in recent times due to the added security measures that many safes now have. These measures make it harder to bypass the lock.

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If there are stringent additional security methods in place, then the safe locksmith will probably not opt to drill the safe. Scoping The Safe Scoping a safe is very similar to drilling, the only difference between these two access methods is the inclusion of a borescope. A borescope is an instrument that is used to inspect the internal makeup of a structure by inserting it into a small hole.

This method allows them to scope out the security measures and work to bypass them so that they are not triggered because this could potentially damage the safe or damage the contents of the safe. Cutting and Prying The Safe These methods are only employed by our safe locksmith as a last resort.

The reason behind this is the fact that these methods damage the safe beyond repair (in most cases) and it is not advised that they are used as the first option to open a safe. Our safe locksmith is well versed in using the above methods to help you gain entry to your safe.

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Cutting a safe open is a self-explanatory term. It involves forcibly cutting the bolts that keep the safe shut, and this can be done with a high-power saw or with a torch. The safe locksmith will begin to cut into the safe, and attempt to gain access to your belongings.

The same goes for prying the safe open. To pry a safe open the safe locksmith will attempt to pry the door of the safe and its bolts right out of the safe. This method involves a lot of time and energy to be expended while still damaging the lock, which is why it is a last resort method that is used in the event that the above solutions don’t work.


However, it is important that homeowners provide the safe locksmith with some important information beforehand so that they can properly work to meeting your needs in the best possible time and in the best possible way. Here are some things you should make sure to tell your safe locksmith before they begin work: Give the locksmith an idea of what might be in the safe, this will help guide them when they are attempting to open the safe. 24 hour locksmith for safe Low rate locksmith for cars near me

If there are any additional security measures in place make sure that you let the safe locksmith know before they start work on the safe.

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Whether you have a Mosler, S&G or Amsec safe, to name a few. We Service all types of safes for your home. Every home should have a safe to protect valuables and safely store dangerous items, like guns and other weapons. More people than ever before are showing interest in home safes large and small.


Bypassing Safe Locks

Our safe experts will have your safe repaired and fully functional in no time. Don’t wait until you experience a security scare to protect yourself. Reach out to us today to make sure your safes internal mechanisms, bolt work, bushings, locks, and handles are in top working condition.

Combination Changes and Safe Repairs Done Right The advantage of a highly skilled and experienced locksmith is knowledge of locks, keys, and combinations that allows refined, professional safe opening and repairs that don’t start with brute force methods. We strive to do our work without damage, using time-tested techniques and skills.



Business Safe Services When there’s a business deal, tax filing, payroll, patent preparation, or legal issue at stake or other urgent need to access important papers and materials in a business safe, call us. We can open commercial safes, change safe combinations if they become known by the wrong persons, and perform maintenance and repairs on commercial safes.

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Repairing Collateral Damage from Burglaries When thieves target your business or home to take the contents of your safe, its lock may not be the only one that you’ll need our services to repair and rekey. From your front door to your locked office, there are probably a number of high-security locks, regular door locks, and deadbolts that have been damaged or broken in the process of reaching your safe.