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Mar 14


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Houston Appliance Repair Service Company Appliance Repair Services

Are you looking for highly valuable and customer-friendly service providers? Consider Houston Appliance Service Company, an experienced and reputable appliance repair service provider operating within the entire area of Houston, TX. Our team of diligent professionals maintains high standards of professionalism when working with different clients. We effectively handle troubleshooting, replacing small parts, and repairing any appliance or brand type. Our knowledge encompasses common problems encountered by any brand type and all error codes. It would help if you worked with us because we offer customer-friendly prices without compromising quality.
You might want to do the repairing job yourself at home, which is a good thing. But this might be dangerous, especially because you’re not a trained appliance repair professional. So it’s prudent enough to let our experts handle electrical and gas issues within the shortest time possible while ensuring safety. We know what to do, so we take little time to restore your appliance to normal working conditions. We are fully equipped with the latest professional equipment, tools, and technologies required to handle any appliance repair.

Our Appliance Repair Services:


Efficient Dishwasher Repair

Our technicians are always ready to scrutinize your dishwasher and make the best of it. You don’t need to wash your dishes by hand: Call us, and we’ll come to you to repair your dishwasher.


Quality Oven Repair

We are experienced in servicing both old and new oven models. If you don’t want to miss your delicious meal once you enter your kitchen, you should contact our technicians for a same-day-m or emergency appliance repair service.


Gas Stove Repairing

Gas tanks are essential to our homes but also extremely dangerous. We don’t want you to miss a meal because of a simple gas issue. We are both well trained and equipped to handle gas appliances of any brand and model. Let our experts make you avoid gas accidents as you enjoy your meals.


Affordable Refrigerator Repair

Since we are Budget-friendly, we don’t want you to throw away your broken or damaged refrigerator. We have the necessary experience to return your refrigerator to its original functionality.


Ice Maker Repair

Our licensed technicians are always ready to ensure that you enjoy your cold/cool meals, especially during the hot season in Texas.


Garbage Disposal Repair

Let our experts help you avoid the mess in your kitchen. Just make a call ASAP and avoid irregularities like injuring your skin due to the garbage disposal. Houston Appliance Repair Service Company has all the necessary apparatus to solve your issue quickly.


Freezer Repair

When your freezer breaks down, don’t hesitate to call us to get it fixed. We always have a lasting solution to any freezer issue. Our team of professionals is quick to ensure that your frozen food doesn’t melt down and spoil.

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